Dekrys AI (the_dekrys) wrote in dekrys_logs,
Dekrys AI

EVENT - ENDED (27th Jan)

The lights were the first to go. And then the steady buzz of the vents clicked off. For long minutes there was nothing but silence until the hydraulic doors each sealed hermetically, creating four distinct sections which have trapped you, the occupants inside with your other station mates.

The only thing left working are random screens with the Dekrys logo flashing a warning. There is only three days of air left.

All Engineers are required

For safety reasons, Engineers cannot travel alone, therefore the following pairs are required:

Seto and Squall.

Ryou and Atem.

And for my sake, this is also technically an activity check. If anyone else wants to do a log in here, just comment with where the log is.
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